Wood Phone Stand (WOODSTOCK)

Research Seminar Technology

Machine: Laser Cutting Machine

Software: AutoCad

Material: Playwood 3.7mm

Limitations:  10*10 cm, Press fit model


Use Laser Cutter and it’s sofware

Learn New software (Rhinoceros, Autocad, etc.)

Look for some inspiration on the web (external references)

Step 1

Look for some references on the web (Google, pinterst, etc), sometimes ideas don’t come at the very first time and you can get them everywhere.

Step 2

Start working on the idea, in order to make your idea come to life, do some sketching, remember “Less Ketchup more Sketchup”

Step 3

What are you waiting? once you have the idea and your drawing you to the nearest laser cutter machine and bring to life.

[Rember always use the correct safety gear and be as careful as you can]

Step 4

It’s alive! now finally done, cut and ready to test it.

As you can see the final result worked as it was supposed to do, but remember to be careful at the time of laser cutting, always check the power and the speed of the machine this will be really useful to make sure you cut is perfect and you don’t have a low quality result, also always have in mind the dimensions of your creation, sometimes they can be tricky at the time of cutting.

Remember master make perfect, sometimes things don’t come up like they are supposed to be at the very first try, keep practicing and become a Laser cutting Jedi.

Este obra está bajo una licencia de Creative Commons Reconocimiento 4.0 Internacional.

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