Toy airplane

Class: Computer controlled class Software used: Autocad, sketchup, rhinoceros Machine used: Laser cutter Materials used: Plywood 750x550x3.7 mm Technics used: Press-Fit
Learn how to…
  • work independently with a machine for laser cutting
  • prepare a file correctly
  • work with the layers and the power of the laser beam to obtain further engraving, pattern, inscription
  • work with plywood, plastic, cardboard and other materials
  • use different techniques for docking parts
  As the first working model for training skills, I chose a simple toy airplane in order not to use a lot of material, but to maximize the bonding properties of parts and engraving in small proportions. I did not think much of what to cut out the plane. After all, the plywood looks more textured and more pleasant to the touch. In the future, I plan to hang his Christmas tree.    
In the Sketchup was created in the model of a toy airplane taking into account the thickness of plywood at 3.7 mm and the creation of all slots of 3.4 mm. Through trial and error, this 0.3mm difference was found that the laser burns when cutting plywood. Therefore, applying a value of 3.4 mm for the grooves, we get a more reliable connection without the use of glue. Next, I created a layout for the model and converted it into a DVG format. In the autocad I grouped and added text with stars for engraving. Next, the model opens into the Rhinoceros for conversion into a special program for laser cutting in DXF format.       

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