Tower challenge

Class: Computer controlled class

Software used: Autocad, sketchup, rhinoceros

Machine used: Laser cutter

Materials used: Plywood 750x550x3.7 mm

Technics used: Press-Fit


The task of our team was to create the highest tower using just three types of details, each of them should be less than 15 centimeters. Also we were limited with dimensions of one plywood.

The idea was in producing beams with maximum length and connecting them with the help of joints.

While prototyping  we attempted to create joint flexible in use. As the result joint has slots every 60 degrees, that allows to create triangular and hexagonal structures. Also it has additional slots for connection with itself for vertical build-up.



The first iteration of the joint was fulfilled in a round shape, but for saving on materials it was replaced with square one. Also, beams lost its openings and became solid. It was done for the economy as well.


Prototyping process was conducted in Sketchup, then drawings were prepared in AutoCAD software. 40 minutes left for laser cutting.






Final result

The tower has 2300mm height without a spire. Spire can add up to 450mm to construction.
Also, the tower is solid enough for adding more storeys – limit of material was reached.







Our team





Also many thanks to our tutor-of-month Ivan Mitrofanov



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