Software: Autocad, Rhinoceros, Laserwork

Material: Sheet of plastic

Task: The main idea of this assignment is to create your own object using laser cutting machine. I decided to make a demountable birdhouse, so everyone can download cad file (you can find a link in the end of the post) and print it by yourself. I chose plastic as a material for cutting based on my aesthetic preferences, but I should suggest you to use plywood because it is less fragile than a plastic

Process: I started with some hand-made sketches and making up an idea how it can be demountable. Then I made drawings using Autocad. The main difficulty was in calculating the thickness of the joints, so I made some small samples first and then decided to chose 2.8 mm thickness of joint, but the actual size after cutting was about 3 mm, that is what I need for a perfect joining between two sheets of plastic.

(fig.1 drawing of a birdhouse)







(fig.2 assembly stages)


Many thanks to our tutor Ivan Mitrofanov for supervising and to all classmates for cool atmosphere during the work

Feel free to download cad file:

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