Software: Arduino i/o Hardware: Arduino UNO, Vibromotors, Microphone sensor KY-038, wires, In the begging of our city project we got an idea to create a glove, that can make sound tangible, to increase our hearing sense and create new feeling expirince. As our first prototype we decided to make a fingerstall with vibromotors on it. Our idea was to interpret sounds into vibrations and transmit them on a finger, so you can somehow touch the sound. You can see all wiring on a pictures, it’s not very difficult to connect microphone sensor and vibromotors to arduino, one of the main problem that we faced microphone sensitivity, you should regulate it by rotating rugulator until it started to react to certain volume of a sound. here u can find our code for arduino: Many thanks to our Technology class tutor Ivan Mitrofanov, our City project class tutor Andrey Yelbaev for suggestions with coding and to my project partner Michael ECO  

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