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Class: Technology, CNC Milling
Software: SketchUp, 3dsmax, ArtCAM, Match3
Material: Plywood 10*10*1 sm
Challenges: Create a tile with your own drawing using cnc machine


  The idea was to create a panel of Soviet hruschovka with its typical inhabitants.


In the beginning, the base unit with clear dimensions in the sketchpUp was designed, exported to 3dsMax, where entourage and staffing – curtains, grandfather, cat and flower were added. Later, the model was exported to stl.

model from scetchUp

finished model


To create a tile it was necessary to prepare a path for bits in the CNC machine. The path consists of two parts: draft and finish. Rough removes large masses, has a big step, but it works roughly. Pure has a smaller step on all axes, but takes much more time. When creating a path, you need to upload a file stl, specify the thickness of the material, and also the bit for the finishing and roughing path, then in the final path, you can choose the way to create the picture in the last step: one-way, two-way, radial and ect.






CNC milling class


Equipment | software

3d builder, Photoshop – model preparing

artCAM, mach3 – software for CNC

Cnc machine – printing


It was necessary to cut out a relief tile by 10 * 10 (as an example – Barcelona’s diverse tiles)

Process of preparation

The topographical relief of the terrain was chosen to turn it into a kind of biomorphic surface, similar to both natural landscape and biomimetic structures.

A raster image with lines was taken, then painted in Photoshop with white-black polygons, where black is the lowers level. Then this colored image was dragged to the 3d builder, where the final form of a relief was prepared.

Then this file was exported to stl format and open with artCAM software allowing to set the dimensions of a string, tile surface, etc.

Then it was open directly with mach3 for the last settings before the milling.

The printing took approximately 30 minutes

The result was good

Then I experienced with similar structures, for example, in order to create a kind of biomorphic window panels.

When the project was completed, I faced with the similar example at the Mars Museum of Modern Art. Probably such table can be the next stage of the module-tile development


p.s Thanks Ivan Mitrofanov for assistance!

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