Smart Watch charge stand 3D-print


TASK: 3D-print useful thing

Machine:  Raise N2 (3D printer)

Software: AutoCad, Rhino 6.1, IdeaMaker

Material: plastic

Author: Daniil.

After Ivan gave us another task to make a 3D-print of something that would be beneficial in any case, I decided to make a 3D prototype of the smart watch, which would make their charging more convenient, because the problem I used to have was that the wire is quite long, and it was always muddling and becoming dirty when lying on the floor.

Thus, I started from creating a cylinder, which was ment to be the outer part of the item. to make the inner part I was inspired ny the coil they use in building field to wind various cables.

Outer part
1st prototype Inner part in Rhino 6.1

After some magic I managed to make the solid surface.

Here you can see final prototypes of the inner coil part.

After 3d-printing routine this stuff looks like this

Now I can wind my charging cable and hide all the

unnecessory length inside.

Just by plugging the inner part inside the outer one we get this:

Now I hope the charging will be more comfortable and organized 😉

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