Class: Technology

Machine: Laser cutting Machine

Software: Rhinoceros

Material: Plywood (4 mm approximately)

Limitations:  10*10 cm, Press fit model


  • Learn How to use Laser Cutter
  • Learn New software (Rhinoceros, Autocad, etc.)
  • Find out what is Pinterest


First of all, the question was what to do. As it was mentioned in the previous class Pinterest is very useful to find inspiration, I decided to start from there. Honestly, it wasn’t really useful. 

So next, after some days of straggling for a masterpiece, I decided not make things difficult and did something that first came to my mind. It was a sligh.

I haven’t done any sketches of my future project, and I have to agree it was a mistake (I will explain it below). So I decided to start drawing in Rhino cause it was the only software I somehow knew. The 2D model looked like this:

As you already can see I made a mistake. the longest pieces don’t have enough holes. 

Then I exported the file to .dxf format and sent to laser cutter, Than was my second mistake: I didn’t make any photos while it was cut. 

After I assembled it, it looked like this:

Because the construction is modular you can do pretty many things with it only using your imagination. For example, Bookshelf with the ladder (special thanks to Andy, that is his idea) :


I learn some basics of laser cutting, 2D drawing. I made some mistakes, which were crucial for my project. However, if you use some creativity you can make quite interesting things with the material you have.

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