Plywood bag

Class:  Technology, Computer Controlled Cutting
Software: AutoCad 17, Rhinoceros 5, Laser Work 6
Materials: 1 piece of plywood (75×50.5×4)
Challenge: make a hand bag

It is our second experience with laser cut and first personal assignment. As I have a passion to all kind of accessories, it seems very interesting to me to make something from wood. And I found an inspiration in a wood clutch. It has simple design, but looking fancy. So I made a drawing in Autocad, including logo (you can download here).  At first, I decided to print a small scale of the model, like 10 cm width.  But it didn’t give me a clear vision of how construction worked, because it was broken being trying on bend. Then I decided to print reall scale, but just a part of whole bag to see how it works. And it actually worked very well, as you see on first photo. But clasp didin’t work as it was planned. So I discovered that is better to use magnets instead of wood clasp and as it is not finished, I will show you soon final result of this work.


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