Class:  Technology, 3D printing
Materials: Plastic PLA 1.75mm
Software: Rhinoceros 5, 3D builder, CURA
Task: to become friends with 3 d printer and to print something necessary

The main motive behind prototyping is to validate the design of the actual product. Sometimes, creating a prototype is called materialization as it is the first step of transforming the virtual or conceptualized design into the real physical form. And the latest technology has made it possible to print a 3d version of your product which can actually work.

So, for this step I had to study how the machine works and to print a model. I decided that the thing that I really need in my life for now is phone stand. It is actually quite good thing – you can watch some YouTube videos without holding a phone and not to be afraid that it will fall down.

So, without everlasting thinking, I visited and chose a model that I liked more. Then in Rhino this model was fitted to right size and the phrase ” Vita brevis, ars longa” was written ( hi Hipocrates! I totally agree). Next step was to fit the model to machine parametres in Cura. As I found out that for this kind of model I need to infill it more, because with that parametres phone stand a bit damaged because of the weight of the phone. But don’t worry – anyway I use it, thanks to transparent glue.


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