Class: Technology, Computer Controlled Cutting
Software: Autocad 18, Rhiniceros 5, Laser Work 6
Materials: 2 piece of plywood (75×50.5×4) for two stage of model
  • project model for laser cuting machine
  • learn how to work with laser cuting machine


It was task to create some things for hone our scale in working with laser machine. My oun larger task was to product functional things, wich would be useful at everyday life. I decided to to solve the problem flat sound when listening to music from phone. Plywood it’s enough dence material to reflect and strengthen sound. My desicion of this problem it passive acoustic column. I deceded to add to this column energy independence without snape to place as powerbank.        

Design project

This project was held at two stage due to the fact that first construction was not perfect and one type of the connections was not flexible enough.

First stage

The draft was created at autocad. It was 5 fulling set of drawings before cuting. For the accent I applied parametric engraving in accordance with the increase in the strength of the sound wave.          Firstly, kerf bends happends not flexible enough and this part od details broke. Srcondary, construction happends not tectonic enough and the section of the column that is square in cross section did not retain rigidity and was transformed into a parellogram. And finally, quite a large part of the sound was lost, and not amplified, because the phone did not completely immerse into the body of the column.

Second stage

I raised volume of columne raised in order to place the wire from powerbank under the column and make the output from below, and not inside the column, which will put the phone directly into the body of the column. So I changed the kerf bends to a more plastic one, which could have split at an angle of 180 degrees, which with a margin satisfied my requirements.       
The link for draft: P.S. When assembling, immediately place the wire from powerbank into the holes for it.  

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