Napkin Holder

  • Class: City and Technology 1st year
  • Software: Rhino 6
  • Material: Plywood
  • Machine: Laser cutter Raylogic AS-1290C
  • Challenges:
  1. learn how to use Rhino 6;
  2. create a useful item
  3. the size of the item should be not bigger than 10cm x 10cm;
  4. learn how to make press fit models
  5. learn how to use the laser cutting machine
  • Idea: The primary goal was to create an item, which will be used at home. At the start, the idea was to create a photo frame with lightning inside. However, some changes were made during the process. In the end, the napkin holder was created.
  • Preparation: Due to the lack of experience in creating items the first step was to create cardboard maquette. All details were fit, so drawing was made in the Rhino 6.

The second step was to cut the designed item by using the laser cutter. Due to the miscalculation, the first problem appeared: side detail did not fit. Connector on the side detail was not deep enough to feel for the squire details. So, the redesign was needed.

Was decided to make the connectors deeper. The final side detail is shown below. The two samples were cut to test the connection.

Finally, details of the item were able to connect without glue, and the item reminded the napkin holder, moreover napkin holder is more useful then photo frame.

DXF files available here:

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