My first experience of using a laser cutting machine

The task: Construct «some useful thing» using press-and-fix technology and cut it using a laser cutting machine.

Used equipment: Laser cutting machine. Model A3-1200C.

Used material: Plywood.

Process of working:

I like art-deco. So I decided to make some accessory for home in this style. For example, a pen box.

I started by creating a layout in Rhino. The result was this side of the pen box.

When one side was ready, I began to do slots. And here I discovered my mistake: when I was making creating the pattern, I didn’t take into account the size (material thickness 3.8 mm) slot.

Because the work on creating a picture in Rhino was very painstaking and difficult for me (after all, this is my first independent experience of using Rhino), I decided to get out of this situation by increasing the scale of the thing itself.

For this, I increased the width of the part from 8 cm to 11 cm.

Create coupling elements was not such an easy task. I couldn’t move edge joints from And I did them by myself. As a result each side of each detail was unique. I placed all parts on the layout in sequential order to avoid build errors.

Because I cannot work with the Laser cutting machine for reasons of health, Alexey and Valeria helped me with cutting. I am very grateful for their help and understanding. Here you can see how they were cutting my model.

And it’s a result.

It was an interesting task, but there are a number of drawbacks when working with the laser cutting machine:

  • It can be useful for creation really unique things if you need them. The task takes a lot of time and it can be not economically viable – if you just need a pen box you loose less resources when you just buy it in a shop.
  • You need to use high quality materials and equipment.

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