Class: Laser CNC class Software used: Autocad, sketchup, rhinoceros Machine used: Laser cutter Materials used: Plywood, Plastic Technics used: Kerf bending
Learn how to…
  • work independently with a laser CNC machine
  • design and prepare your own object for bringing it to life
  • work with plywood, plastic, cardboard and other materials
  • use different techniques for docking parts
    As the starting point for my technology class I tried to make my own design for street furniture, but in a small scale, so that if I succeed it could be done in an original scale. The concept was to create “loop” chair/bench, that could be used as a flip-flap bench and people could sit on both horizontal and vertical sides of it.  
I used plywood as a material for this project, because wood looks much more luxury when processed right. But experiments showed that thickness of a plywood according to a scale I was trying to do was thin, that meant that I should increase the size of my prototype. Assuming that the task was to create something not so big, I decided to try different materials and came up with plastic. Its bending properties are better than the ones of plywood, so finally the “loop” bench came alive, but not as perfect as it was supposed to be. Maybe the design can be improved. If you care, you are welcome to give it a try). Using SketchUp a very fast sketch was done and because the idea was of endless line, it should start somewhere and the end of this line should join its beginning again. So I made a rough 2D scan of it on a paper and converted it to DWG file. Next, the drawing was corrected in AutoCad and sent to Rhino to prepare a file for cutting on CNC. As it was expected, nothing worked from the first try, many iterrations were done, but you can see in the video only three main steps. Here you go, enjoy the timelapse video of the prototyping process) Many thanks to Darya and Neeraj for helping to find the needed pattern for kerf bending)

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