I/O device

Class: Technologies
Software used: Arduino IDE, web browser
Device used: Arduino Uno
Components used: Diode, resistor 220om, wires, push-button x 2


This time I had a task to create input/output device based on Arduino.
I had no any limits and as the first step in area of digital device prototyping
I chose the project of led-lamp, which brightness can be set with buttons.
Scheme is simple enough, but code is fulfilled with interesting moments,
such as functions and variables.


The sketch for lamp is attached here:
#define PLUS_BUTTON_PIN     2
#define MINUS_BUTTON_PIN    3
#define LED_PIN             9
int brightness = 100; boolean plusUp = true; boolean minusUp = true; 

void setup()
 pinMode(LED_PIN, OUTPUT);

void loop() {

analogWrite(LED_PIN, brightness);

plusUp = handleClick(PLUS_BUTTON_PIN, plusUp, +35);

minusUp = handleClick(MINUS_BUTTON_PIN, minusUp, -35);


boolean handleClick(int buttonPin, boolean wasUp, int delta)

 boolean isUp = digitalRead(buttonPin);
 if (wasUp && !isUp) {
isUp = digitalRead(buttonPin);

if (!isUp)
     brightness = constrain(brightness + delta, 0, 255);

return isUp;


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