Grashooper display mode

Grasshopper is an interface that is represented by icons, not symbols. It’s cool, but there are some hard to understand details. Switching the display is the most basic, so let’s get started.

Class: Technology, Grasshopper

Software: Rhinoceros+Grashooper

1. All displayed in red + During selection, green (default) ⇔ Only the selected
  • You can work with the icon in the upper right corner of the canvas. By visualizing only the selected component, you can reduce the number of calculations to display and make it easier
  • 2. Do not display ⇔ Wire reel ⇔ Shade
  • You can switch between the skeleton and the shade in the same way as displaying the display in the rhino. Detailed display setup
  • Using the rightmost two buttons, you can adjust the accuracy, transparency and color for display.It will be heavy if it is set to “High Quality”, but it looks nice and has a good feeling.If you set it to “Low Quality”, you may see an error even if the model has no problems.
  • 4. Setting the display of components
  • To change the display format for a component, use the tab in the upper left corner.  The components have two main types of display. This is an “icon” or “symbol”.
  • Left is the icon, on the right is the shape of the letter. I’m a literary school, but the school of icons is impressive. (Perhaps this is due to the default icon.)
  • 5. Do not reflect editing on the rhinoceros (locked state) “disable solver”
  • Pressing the middle button and pressing the key, you can edit it, but the result will not be reflected in the rhino. If you do not know the lock function, when transmitting data in this state, let’s know that even if you edit it, the rhino screen does not move, and it confuses. When it is locked, a red frame appears on the canvas. Everything is over.      

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