CNC milling

CNC milling class


Equipment | software

3d builder, Photoshop – model preparing

artCAM, mach3 – software for CNC

Cnc machine – printing


It was necessary to cut out a relief tile by 10 * 10 (as an example – Barcelona’s diverse tiles)

Process of preparation

The topographical relief of the terrain was chosen to turn it into a kind of biomorphic surface, similar to both natural landscape and biomimetic structures.

A raster image with lines was taken, then painted in Photoshop with white-black polygons, where black is the lowers level. Then this colored image was dragged to the 3d builder, where the final form of a relief was prepared.

Then this file was exported to stl format and open with artCAM software allowing to set the dimensions of a string, tile surface, etc.

Then it was open directly with mach3 for the last settings before the milling.

The printing took approximately 30 minutes

The result was good

Then I experienced with similar structures, for example, in order to create a kind of biomorphic window panels.

When the project was completed, I faced with the similar example at the Mars Museum of Modern Art. Probably such table can be the next stage of the module-tile development


p.s Thanks Ivan Mitrofanov for assistance!

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