CNC Mill

Class: Technology, CNC Milling


  • 2 x 18mm wood (100x100mm)
  • wood glue
  • Artcam
  • Scanect
  • Mach3 cnc controller


  • To mill out a tile (or something else)


For this assignment, I decided to combine two techniques: 3d scanning and milling. Being curious to see how my face will be “printed” on the wood, I decided to make a model of myself.


Once decision was made, given wood thickness wasn’t enough, so two pieces of wood panels were glued together.
Prior to milling, I and Joldosh prepared a 3d model of myself. After scanning the face with Kinect and Skanect software, the model had to fixed. We imported it to Sketch Up and fixed broken meshes and added the scanned result on the surface.
Once the model was ready, it was imported to Artcam to prepare trajectory for mill. Both for roughing and finishing 4mm ball nose mill was used.


Safety is very important when working with Mill. Keep in mind that the sleeves should always be folded and long hair must be tied. Prepared trajectory was sent to Mach3 CNC controller. Prior to sending instructions to the machine, the glues wooden panels were attached to working surface via screws.
Zero X,Y and Z coordinates were set. After only those steps, the model was sent for milling.
Credits to:
Mederbekov Bekjoldosh and our AWESOME rocket scientist Ivan Mitrofanov 🙂

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