CNC Class

Class: CNC Class Software used: SketchUP + Rhinoceros 3D Device used: “СКРОУТЕР” Materials used: Timber    

Principles of CNC production

Milling is the machining process of using rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece by advancing (or feeding) the cutter into the workpiece at a certain direction. Milling is the subtractive way of producing things. it means that the size of material should be bigger then the side of detail.


1)Model of building was created in sketchup, after what was finished in rhino – additional surfaces were deleted and then building was separated by floors. 2)To prepare G-code for CNC there are different software solutions exist. The most advanced and flexible is Autodesk ArtcCAM  – that we use.
this is the image of Artcam interface.
Here we need to choose mill, material dimensions, details of roughing and finishing, steps, speed and so on. After tuning the ArtCam it is time to G-code compilation. 3)Since G-code is ready we move on further to CNC
This is image of Roland  MDX-40A, but we have  similar machine.
4)Before start milling we need to tune CNC settings. It has very fancy interface called Mach3 (not Gillette).
interface of Mach3
Here we set zero of project, speed of motor, upload our G-code and that’s all actually. 5)After all preparation we can start the process and enjoy the sound.
process of cutting

Facade production

During this semester our task was to produce model of residential block from timber. The size of block should be 75*115sm. Because of CNC limitation building was cut floor by floor and then these floors were glued.
Here 2 approaches are represented – facade milling and floor by floor milling.


Because of limitations of such type of producing inner corners have fences with the radius of mills. Depth of material subtraction is limited by length of the mill. There is the problem of facade connections, when border can’t be cut with 45 degrees angle.  



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