Clever Table


Machine: Laser Cutting Machine

Software: AutoCad, Rhino 6, Laser Work v7.0

Material: Plywood 100 x 100 x 4 mm

Author: Daniil.

Once I was watching a video on YouTube about various smart gadgets and I came across an outstanding smart table designed and produced by Tabula Sense company, which was founded in Russia.

There is no doubt their tables are very technilogical and very stylish, but cost a fortune (5000$ appr.)

What I did want to do was to repeat its style by the press-fit plywood model. Thus, I drew all the components on the surface of the existing prototype, and later they were engraved by the laser-cutting machine.

This is how the 2D model looked like in LaserWork v7.0
As you can notice the legs are supposed to be height-adjustable.
Working on the cutting procedure
Oops.. looks like I missed the holes for the first time
Also made a variant of the colourful prototype with the real-wood look to be similar to the real Tabula Sense tables
Finally, the table looks like this…

PS: was inspired by this photo of Tabula sense

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