Laser cutting – Press fit technique

A four legs platform

Task / Preparation:

The assignment consisted of creating a 10 x 10 x 10 cm plywood object using press fit assemblages in order to understand the design logic of this technique and also the possibilities of the laser cutting machine. The only constrictions were that the object should not be a box and neither a toy.

Design Process:

In order to achieve the task, I first concentrated in understanding the press fit concept and the kind of assemblage I wanted to use using Pinterest boards and web research.

With the understanding than Press fit assembly consist in creating friction between contact surfaces  of separate objects I thought about generating an element whose structural behaviour could be very clear and could reflect the different kinds of strengths that a pressfit connection can allow. So I just intersected two perpedicular planes and start to think what they could become.

Then, while I was cleaning the kitchen of my dormitory and listening to music from my cellphone I realized I wanted to have a support where I could put it so it would not be in contact with the table or it could float inside a cooking pot to amplify it sound so I decided to design a small platform.

And I began to design the final object using rhino.

The final object was functional and some interesting details where achieved like the “floating” appearance from the round piece but some calculation mistakes were donde since I did not prevented more accurately the size of the laser and how much material it burns. With very small objects its better to do simpler connection that make the piece work as a whole like the central ortogonal connection.


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