City Project – Smart Cube

Have you ever looked for a remote control the whole eternity or been confused looking at the bunch of them guessing which one to choose and how to use it? It seems, while solving some problems, technologies make our live in a sense more complicated. The project goal was to propose a better way to handle things imbued with technology and make an interaction with them more intuitive and simple. After some research and experiments with gestures, we understood that we need something simple, easy to operate for all kinds of people, something physical as it is the most natural way for human beings. After playing with different forms and being inspired by dice and Rubik’s cube we stopped our choice on a cube. Smart Cube has six sides which could operate six different devices or as in our case five devices and one face with an instruction. By rotating the cube on a certain side you can give commands to the device connected. As a potential for the development of project we consider a possibility of getting some feedback from managed devices, implement elements of self-learning and communication between devices we influence. We created this project together with my fellow student Dmitry Khalzev. We decided to use Arduino | Bluetooth | Gyro | Servo which together will manage 2 lamps, a curtain, a fan and a door lock. We also used some plastic, plexiglass, plywood which we processed with the laser cutter and 3D printer. A first prototype of the Smart Cube: The lamp: Final product:

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