Introduction: BCI feedback induces cortical plasticity, a basis for prompting behavioral changes, improving cognitive performance, ethics aside – neuromarketing … and on the surface test your concentration skills through gamification. In about a decade or so, interfaces like mindwave could be the obsolete versions of advanced wetware.

Test of user interface – Mindwave

The market for neural interfaces is relatively young and the relevant technologies are still growing. At the moment these user interfaces look more like prototypes  rather than the final product. It is envisaged that the technologies would evolve into more user friendly interfaces which would seamlessly interface man with virtually any networked platform. The potential for these items is colossal, however for now we have to be satisfied with the clumsy software on the phone which cannot really performs quite as seamlessly as it should.  
Arduino. The programming of Arduino is essential to the prototyping process. It forms the neural network of most if not all commonly used prototypes. A wide range of applications can be and are being developed using the Arduino platform. It serves as an ideal introduction into the world of prototyping of electronics. The basics of programming for the Arduino were elaborated and demonstrated with the ease and simplicity as only one proficient in the subject can do. For this, credits go to the tutoring staff on the subject for a first rate and most efficient skills transfer in my personal experience. This can be attributed to the hands on approach as well as an open door policy that facilitates enquiries in the event that one is not clear on the process. It is as close as one can get to a one-on-one experience with the brilliant minds that facilitate this course.

Blink command on basis of audio input

I started programming for Arduino in the standard way, with the blink command. However, the simplicity of the programming language and the ease with which one adapts were instrumental in enabling quick transition upwards to the more complex stuff. The possibilities are endless and the only limiting factor in this instance is the imagination of the inventor. However, it should also be taken into consideration that the sensors used and other components such as transistors, resistors capacitors, to mention but a few may vary in price, size, efficiency. The Learning Curve. Like most novices, the idea of programming electronics seemed quite novel initially, but that was only before I was able to bet a full understanding of the way Arduino works and the possibilities that it opens up. The rest was a matter of curiosity and an insatiable appetite for Making Things. This made an otherwise steep learning curve much more effortless to overcome. The skills thereby attained are applicable in the real world for solving a wide variety of issues both within a home environment as well as on the larger scale within the City. The skills attained were and continue to be instrumental in the search for solution in a wide variety of City-wide and domestic

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