Battery 3D-scanning


TASK: Object 3D-scanM

Software: Agisoft, PhotoshopM

Author: Daniil.

Our fourth task for Technology class was to make a 3D-scan of any object and after scanning it prsent the 3D-model in an App.

I decidee it would be interesting to scan the battery and compare its look in reality and how it is gonna look after the scanning.

Thus, I started with making 30 photos of the battery from various sides in order to meet the minimal requirements of the Agisoft App (minimum 30 photos needed to form a good shape of the object).

30 photos
Same photos after Photoshop editing

Actually. I have no idea why the 3d-object didn’t come in a proper way, I’ve tried several times, but nevertheless, I didn’t manage to make a good shaped battery.

Though, I decided to 3d-scan the battery via the Qlone App on my mobile phone. To use the program I printed the special dimension-paper, which helps the artificial intelligence to understand the right location of the scanned object.

Unfortunately, here the picture turned out to differ from my expectatons. No idea, maybe I did something wrong, but this is what I got.

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