Arduino coding task


TASK: Write a simple code for arduino & make a sceme to demonstrate its work.

Software: Arduino IDE

Hardware: Arduino Uno, cables, transistors. breadboard, LEDs.

Author: Daniil.

I decided to make a sequential light, coming from one led to another. I build the example with 3 leds, but really you can use leds as many as you want, thus the prorotype can be endless (or until you have enough arduino Uno and the place tp plug in the components).
Of course, but for the help of the network I couldn’t do the coding myself. So, I decided to search for the idea to get inspired. Finally, here’s the code I got after a couple of manipulation and my friend’s little help:

(yeah yeah yeah, I know the code is very primitive but as a person who has just started writing codes, that was also quite asmall challenge)

After, I took the required components from the Shukhov Lab supplements: breadboard, 4connectors, Arduino Uno, Usb cable, transistors 220 Om each, LEDs.

After 2min manioulations and uploading the code everything worked fine. I’ve shooted a video to show it’s working:


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