“Antigravity” tower


Machine: Laser Cutting Machine

Software: AutoCad, Rhino 6

Material: Plywood 900 x 600 x 4 mm

Team members: Alexey, Daniil, Alyona.

When our team had been told that we needed to compete other teams to build the highest tower, the main problem was to make ours be stable enough in order to resist the interfering gravitation force. Thus, we decided to implement the padlock bracing system:

 Padlock bracing system

So, we started from marking in Rhino App the rectangle form limited in size
90 x 60 cm because of the material size limits

The most important thing that features our tower building principle from other teams is that we made the trial elements of the tower to understand the strength of their bond. By this we did analyze, that we’d better make the fastening port of 3mm which is 1mm thinner in comparison with the thickness of a plywood (4mm, correspondingly).

The laser machine we used to cut out our tower

Apart from that, we understood that in order to make out tower quite stable in horizontal flatness we needed to add some horizontal stiffness diaphragm. Thus, we concluded to make circle-formed diaphragms.

Our team decided to create the tower elements in Rhino 6. It was quite challanging because we hadn’t used the programm previously. Overall, we managed to make the tower from 3 typical elements :

Finally, the tower turned out to be quite stable, but still we tower’s body needed more stiffness. To solve this problem we came up with an idea to add these cruciform reinforcement :

After all these manipulations, we achieved someting like this:

Now the tower is ready!!! Enjoy!!!

Ps: Finally, it turned out that we do have more spare parts. What does it mean? In case other teams will try to overtake us, we have a backup plan!!!


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