3D scanning (understanding human shape)


The aim of this task is to understand how 3D scanning works and how can we apply it as a tool for our city project development.
i didn´t wanted to 3D scan a small object, so i deciced to try to 3D scan a person, let’s see if a succed.


  • Camera
  • Agisoft sofware
  • human figure to scan

Step 1

Take several pictures of the shape you want to scan, try to take them at the same distance and size but from different angles, so you give the software the opportunity to create a shape.

For this my Friend Vitaly helped me, he decided he wanted to be the model for this project .

Step 2

Make sure you take as much pictures as you can, this would give you a better and more precise model, after taking the pictures, go to Ps and clean the back ground, let’s say create a cleaner background .

Step 3

On Ps continue cleaning the background, once you finish, try to scale all the images and try to put them in the same line (align them).

Step 4

export the pictures to Agisoft and mask them all.

Step 5

Go to the aligment pictures settings and wait for the program to aligh the images.

Unfortunately my program stop working everytime at this step, after several attemps i could be able to finish the task.
Keep an eye on this blog as soon as i find the solution i will post the second part of it.

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