3d scanning – Milk scanner

Michael Pikman, Daniil Tsirkov, Pablo Goldin

Task / Preparation

The task consisted in exploring different 3d scanning techniques to understand the possibilities of this procedure. In this post we will expose our experience with the “milk scanner” software wich can be loaded in this link.

During the process we followed this tutorial from instructables:


The necessary equipment is:

  • milk
  • recipient
  • web cam


The milk scanner works by creating a displacement map image of the object that can be translated into a 3d model. The object should be placed on the recipient under the web cam and every time a small quantity of milk is poured in it (3 spoons are recommended) the user should take a picture. The superposition of this pictures allows the software to transmite the different heights and contours of the object like slices. This same procedure is used in other softwares such as GIS to create topographic 3d models.

The displacement process can be understood in this video:


When the scanning is ready, the software provides an .xml file which should be transformed into a displacement map. Nevertheless on that stage we go stocked since we couldn’t introduce this file in any software to continue the procedure.




While the “slicing procedure” of the software is quite logical and the simplicity of the procedure allow an easy access of it, this technique require for higher computational skills than regular company softwares.

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