3D scan + remake The Unicorn


3D-scan something + remake it


  • Photoshop CC 2018
  • Agisoft
  • IdeaMaker


  • IPhone
  • nicorn toy
  • Raise N2 (3D printer)

Since the task was to 3D scan whatever we want to and then remake it, I decided to make a clone of a cute statue of rabbit (it has a function of a ring stand) that I have. I have been advised to use Agisoft as a more convenient way to 3D scan with photos. I took pictures of the rabbit, but the software failed to make a proper key points cloud out of it because it had a reflecting surface.

The second choice was a toy of a unicorn. I took more than 30 pictures of it 360 degrees around and edited them in Photoshop to eliminate unnecessary background, so it would be easier to apply masks in Agisoft.

Next step is to import them in Agisoft and make mask for every image there is, align photos, make a cloud, and then a mesh. After all these steps there is quite good 3D scanned model of the unicorn. The only flaw it has is that it failed to properly recognize the gap between unicorn’s legs.

Finally, I imported the model in .obj format, run it through IdeaMaker software for 3D printers, fixed the mistakes the model had, and sent it for 3D printing.

Here is the final result:

And with its prototype 😉

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