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3dmax, Rhino ZMorph 3D printer, Voxelizer software   Raise 3d printer Raise plastic 88 gr. Ideamaker software   Working on the Hydromatter – a system with biomorphic forms that direct condensate water into the collectors (absorbing peat tablets with seeds), we has tested different materials. Ceramics demonstrated more efficiency in this ability to “produce water from air”, thus we made attempt to use it for our ‘green wall’. It was necessary to print the mold for ceramic module, but firstly we decided to print the module itself. The first experience was successful – the model was printed with very high quality (the process consumed for about 40 hours) with Zmorph 3d printer. The 3D model itself was created in 3dsmax, then opened in the Voxelizer program and sent to print with high quality-medium-tree supports settings.

However, the next few attempts to print the press form were failed – I was struggling with three 3d printers hopelessly for three days – either the program came out or the forest was printed or the tape was torn. Finally, I decided to go to the Laba space.

This time the Raise 3d printer and the white plastic of the same Raise company were used, according to the expert, Raise is much better than our REK. Plastic ESUN (Chinese) was also suitable. The printer had 2 extruders, the panel showed three temperatures of left, right extruders and the surface (material such as a tefal). When turned on, it heats up to 30-40 degrees so that the module easily leaves it without leaving traces and without deforming itself. 215 degrees is the temperature of the extruder head for printing.

The Ideamaker program was used to export the model – it showed all the jambs and allowed them to be fixed. There was a mistake with model’s faces, and it was quite complex in geometry with huge number of elements (maybe that’s why it could not print).

As a result, the model has printed 15 hours with good quality, after that a few details of the same color were needed.

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