ZMorph 3D printer, Voxelizer software


One of the first tasks was to consider SD printing technology and the order of printing itself. I had common awareness about all types of 3D printers – their speed of printing, using materials, disadvantages, possible fails. Choosing for printing the part of the ribbed column – hollow `water pipe` – the simple prototype of pipe with cold water in the bath, where I investigate the phenomenon of condensation. It is necessary to notice more efficient ways to distribute and collect condense water (for irrigation, for example), and the priority – find suitable patterns for this deal. Seeing the material of 3D printers is not suitable for such pipes (metal or glass is needed), I just wanted to create a frame with textured surface, where drops would be formed theoretically.  
The model was created in 3DsMax at all, then exported to the stl-format. Then this file was open with Voxelizer and send for printing using a MicroSD card. Printing process took for about 2 hours, there were not incidents, and the model was good for the for the first time. The dimensions of the grooves turned out to be correct to retain and direct the drops. However, taking into account, our fiture prototype, this ‘pipe’ is just attemt to convey common idea in simple forms.

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