3D printing

The project of Smart Cube started from the form exploration.

Materials: 3mm PLA Software: Archicad+ Ultimaker Cura Machine used: Ultimaker 2Go Technics: 3D printing

The picture showing the potential form exploration suitable for a Smart Home controller.

The potential forms has been printed to understand how the form works in hands of different people.

Here the variations of the form has been printed to explore:





The object which inspired by Schukhov tower construction.

The 6 six-angled object which in concept must have different modules and connected with each others.

Beta version of pyramid.

Sierpinski pyramid: not possible to insert electronics inside.

The pyramid.

The cube made out of cirles with some parametric modelling.


The version of the cube with the pins for gyroscope.

The final version for Smart cube which is going to be polished, laser engraved with the signs of the objects which it will control: lights, ventilation and servo-motors.

The final look of all 3D printed prototypes of the objects. Everything has been printed on Ultimaker 2GO on 3mm PLA plastic with 80% fillability of plastic.


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