3D printing

Class: Technology, 3D printing


  • Raiser N2 plus – V2 Hot End
  • ideaMaker 3.0.5
  • Plastic PLA plastic 1.75mm
  • Sketchup 2018
  • Rhinoceros 5
  • 3D builder
Printing on a 3d printer
    In short, this is the construction of a real object based on the model of the 3D model created on the computer. Then the digital three-dimensional model is saved in the STL-file format, after which the 3D printer, to which the file for printing is output, forms the real product.
    The printing process itself is a series of repetitive cycles associated with creating three-dimensional models, applying a layer of consumables to the desktop (elevator) of the printer, moving the desktop down to the level of the finished layer and removing waste from the surface of the table.
    Cycles continuously follow one after another: the next layer of material is applied the next, the elevator is lowered again and so on until the finished product on the desktop.
    To show how to print on the printer Raiser N2 plus – V2 Hot End I use part of the prototype. This is a Capsule for generating an odor by heating a nichrome wire of cotton wool with essential oil. Or rather the lid from this capsule. It is used to support the diode. The diode in turn will illuminate the smoke
    the program for printing preparation looks like. To load a model, just press Ctrl + I and further create support. click on Shift + U
    Press Ctrl + P to print. In the new window the layer thickness and type of material are adjusted

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