3D printing

Class: Technology, Arduino I/O


  • Ultimaker 2 Go
  • FormLabs 2
Materials: Software:
  • Fusion 360
  • Ultimaker Cura
  • PreForm


As a team that works with inflatables, we were in need of the barbed connectors to enable air flow separation). Instead of buying one, we decided to create our own barbed connectors. There different shapes of connects were designed and tested with silicone tube (d=3.5mm) and (d=5-6mm)

Preparing 3D model

To prepare .stl files – three models of barbed connectors were designed in Fusion 360.

Gcode preparation and printing

Once .stl files were ready, it was a time to prepare g-code(s) and send them for print. Prior to printing on Formlabs 2, the result was planned to be obtained from Ultimaker 2 Go. However, due to the small parameters/size of the model, Ultimaker didn’t managed to print it (except for the scaled version of the model, which wasn’t used anyways). G-code for Ultimaker was created with Ultimaker Cura app. The settings used as showed on the picture below. Preform app was used to print with FormLabs 2. Before uploading the model, Preform asks to choose the material and layer thickness which we set for 0.025 mm as the model was small and we need a high resolution print, for air tightness.  


Ultimaker 2 Go Result: FormLabs 2 Result: Application:

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