3D printed sole with lattices


Technology, 3D- printing


To create a model of anything in Rhino and 3D print it (grasshopper use as a plus)


  • Rhino 6.1
  • Grasshopper
  • IdeaMaker


FLEX 1.75 mm




The main challenge of this task for me was to create a model in Rhino 6. As 3D printing is a scarce resource, I decided to create a sole for our City Project and to print it. My 3D drawing skills left much to be desired, so I explored Rhino through some You-Tube tutorials and help from Alik Sumin, our Grasshoper teacher.

To make the sole flexible, I had to use a special structure (lattices) and new material (FLEX). I also decided to make 3 layers, so the model itself looks like a sandwich. It also contains some curvature for better foot fitting.

The lattice structure was made via Grasshopper, IntraLattices plug-in:

It enables to adjust the size, shape, and number of cells inside the structure.

That’s how the model looks like in IdeaMaker:

Unfortunately, due to some technical problems, I was forced to change the sole. Printing it was too much time-consuming, and, consequently, expensive.

The new model was plain and contained only one layer:

As previously, I connected the mesh to the grasshopper.

The printing took 13 hours. And the sole is bendable!

All in all, the sole was perfect for the shoe:

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