3D-printed Pencil Stand


3D-print something useful  (extra credit for parametric stuff)


  • Rhinoceros 6 + Grasshopper
  • IdeaMaker


Raise N2 (3D printer)

As an architect I have a lot of stuff for drawing and writing (liners, pens, pencils etc.), and I am always in need for pencil stands to fit all of it. I decided to take a chance and 3Dprint one more stand for myself.

To make it more fun and avoid boring design, the decision was made to make it in parametric style.

First, I started with sketching textures and shapes:

The second step (and the most difficult one, I have to say) was making an algorithm in Grasshopper. After coping with some struggles (obviously, with some external help :P), I managed to get the algorithm right. Here it is:

To make the model fit 3Dprinting requirements, I had to make a few manipulations in Rhino to cap the remaining holes in the model. After that, the final model for printing was like this:

And finally, how it looks when printed:

Here you can download Rhino+Grasshopper files:


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