3D print (cause 2D is to mainstream)


The aim of this task is to prove that we are able to understand how 3D printers work and how can we apply this tool for our projects, for this i use a 3D model i’ve done for my team work city project, Labrador.


  • 3D printer Z-Morph
  • PLA (plastic for 3D printing)
  • Rhino 3D model

Step 1

choose your 3D Model, in this cause i used Rhino 6 for modeling it, but you can use any tool that could help you to model.

Labrador 3D model

Step 2

Once you have your model, you export it to one of the softwares for 3D printers, you can use Voxalizer or Idea maker, before exporting your file, please check the model is turn from a surface to a volumen, so you can 3D print it succefully, the aim of this 3D programs is to code your object into a 3D language so the printer can understand what, and how to print it.

Step 3

Now you are ready to print, it’s just matter of time, please take your time and wait, this will take several minutes, even hours.

I want to special thanks my Labrador team, Irina and Valerya to assist me in this task.

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