3d builder experience | CNC milling

3d builder milling | CNC milling class

Equipment | software

3d builder, Photoshop 
Firstly, It was necessary to cut out a relief tile by 10 * 10 (as an example – Barcelona’s diverse tiles)
But this stage is development of the tile in bigger scale but by thw same software
Process of preparation

The topographical relief of the terrain was chosen to turn it into a kind of biomorphic surface, similar to both natural landscape and biomimetic structures. A raster image with lines was taken, then painted in Photoshop with white-black polygons, where black is the lowers level. Then this colored image was dragged to the 3d builder, where the final form of a relief was prepared.

Then I experienced with similar structures, for example, in order to create a kind of biomorphic window panels.
Because black is the lowers level, black color here – window hole
3d builder processing:
Final module being milling:

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