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The task: Make a 3D model of a useful thing and print it

3D printer: Z-morph

Material: PLA

I decided to make a small flower pot for the kitchen. I started with a sketch of a model in Rhino.

I liked to work on small details of the cat figurine, for example, ears and paws

When the model was completely finished, I created an stl-file and imported it into Voxelizer

When I saw that estimated time is more than 81 h, I decided to change a scale of the model. And she turned from a flower pot  into a stand for egg. Voxelizer calculated a new estimated time – about 5 h. In reality it took more than 12 h.

Unfortunately the paws are printed not as good as I’d like, but ears and eyes are made good. 

And it works now 🙂

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