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SOFTWARE: Rhino 6, Voxelizer, Polygon, Polulu Master Control

MATERIAL: PLA & ABS 1.75 mm, bolts, screws

MACHINE: Z-Morph, Picaso Designer 250 Pro, Raise 3D

CHALLENGES: To make a 3D-Printed thing


The task sounded quite simple: create something 3D-Printed. The teacher suggested making this robot for extra credits. I accepted the challenge.

The robot and all the files I took from the Instructables:

The task: Make a 3D model of a useful thing and print it

3D printer: Z-morph

Material: PLA

I decided to make a small flower pot for the kitchen. I started with a sketch of a model in Rhino.

I liked to work on small details of the cat figurine, for example, ears and paws

When the model was completely finished, I created an stl-file and imported it into Voxelizer

When I saw that estimated time is more than 81 h, I decided to change a scale of the model. And she turned from a flower pot  into a stand for egg. Voxelizer calculated a new estimated time – about 5 h. In reality it took more than 12 h.

Unfortunately the paws are printed not as good as I’d like, but ears and eyes are made good. 

And it works now 🙂

Assignment: to do the press-fit smth

Software: Rhino 5, LaserWorks

Equipment: Laser Cutting Machine

Material: 4mm plywood

I started with an idea to make something simple and at the same time functional. Thus, I decided to make an iPhone stand, which could be useful on daily basis. 

I sketched a laconic design consisted of 3 pieces. The angle of the main surface provides convenient usage of the device. It is easier to type, scroll and swipe through content and, last but not least, enables to unlock your phone through face ID without picking it up.

Further, I made a precise drawing of the stand in Rhino 5, which is compatible with a software for laser cutting machine (LaserWorks).

After cutting out the whole thing and trying to assemble it, I found out that press-fit joints are not tight. Apparently, this happened because of the machine’s possible errors. Gaps should have been smaller, while reply part, conversely, wider. Because I did them equal, I had to use a glue to fix this mistake.

↑↑↑(Btw, the ‘less is more’ logo is quite important here – it represents the whole concept :D) 

Eventually, I managed to get it all together and there it is in use!

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