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Class: Technology

Machine: Laser cutter

Software: Autocad 2018, Rhinoceros 5

Material: Plywood; thickness: 3,6 mm

Size of the object: 30*25*14 cm

Challenges:learn how to work with laser cutter, how to use AutoCad 2018 and use correct scale in Rhinoceros 5


The 1sttask was dedicated to creation of own press-fit projects using plywood details of 10*10. Core idea was to familiarize students with software used and get first experience with laser cutting objects.

As advised on the class I dived into Pinterest to find a good idea. My attention was drawn to a simple though practical laptop stand and I used this concept to do one of my own.

It’s ready to use.


Students are required to document their work each class section for the unit covered and homework will be reviewed during each class cycle. Your local tutor will review your documentation in detail every week to make sure you are not falling behind.

Your Technology course documentation must show completion of the unit and core skill competencies. It will be in HTML format and must be able to exist within a web blog archive.

At minimum, the evaluation process expects a student’s documentation to include:

  • A text description of their project for the class section or group project
  • Designing and fabricating the work
  • Supporting photographs (video is great, but not required)
  • All final fabrication files in their original, editable formats
  • All code in an editable format, testable format
  • What the student learned: what succeeded and what failed

It is recommended that students choose a licence for their work prior to the start of publicly posting their files. ie: Creative Commons

Student must share all of hers\his digital design files and code (where applicable) to pass the unit.

Here is a good (but not perfect) example of a blog post.

Student Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to be proactive in the Technology course. This course offers a great deal of personal freedom. 

However you are responsible for:

  • Designing and fabricating your own projects
  • It’s fine to begin with someone else’s files, but it is not acceptable to pass someone else’s work off as your own.
  • Cite all your sources and inspirations.
  • Getting your work done on time for each weekly cycle.
  • Documenting your work in HTML
  • Ensuring that your documentation is in the blog system. Work that is not in the system will not be evaluated.

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