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Class: Technology, 3d printing Software: Autocad 2018, 3ds max, Ultimaker Cura Materials: pla 3mm Challenges:
  • project model for laser 3d printing
  • learn how to work with 3d printer and software for it
  • create part for fixing main model for city project class


I needed main axis of rotation for model at city project class. This axis had to be very small size, less then inner diametr of bearing, insight which I put my axis – 5 mm. 3D printer was the only appropriate machine for such task.

Design project

First of all 3d model in 3ds max was created. Then I put this model into Ultimaker Cura and set preferences for printing.  There is option in Ultimaker Cura  to use support or not to use ( but you can’t tune support) and to set the print density.



The project of Smart Cube started from the form exploration.

Materials: 3mm PLA Software: Archicad+ Ultimaker Cura Machine used: Ultimaker 2Go Technics: 3D printing
  • Class: Technology, 3D Printing
  • Software: Fusion 360
  • Hardware: Ultimaker 2 Go, Plastic PLA plastic 1.75mm
  • Task: To create 3D printed model 
  • Realization: The first step  is the preparation just before printing, when you design a 3D file  of the object you want to print.  This 3D file can be created using any softwares. The next step  is the actual printing process.  First, you need to choose which material will best achieve the specific properties required for your object. The 3D model itself was created in Fusion 360, then opened in the Voxelizer program and sent to print with high quality-medium-tree supports settings.



Technology, Arduino


  • Arduino IDE
  • web browser


  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Breadboard, Diode
  • Resistor 220om
  • Wires
  • Push-button


To create input/output device based on Arduino. 


To complete the task, I used the base schema and code from the site This is easy enough if you follow the steps of the link. First, I assembled the schema manually from the components, then copied the code and uploaded it into the board. If everything is assembled correctly and there are no errors, everything will work. Now that my code is working, I can program the crab as I need it. Important to disconnect arduino and your laptop during you remove whatever on the broad)))  

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