The way home

In our everyday life most of us have similar routines and the way home is one of those processes that we are so used to, that many few of us even notices what interesting do we have in that path. The task of our group was to look at our ways home from another point of view. Enjoy waching our photos:

Made by Kamilia

Made by Valeriya

Made by Mikhail

Made by Neeraj  

Made by Michael

Made by Kamila  

Made by Galina

Made by Einar

Made by Daria

Made by Anna  

Made by Alexandr  

Made by Bek  

Made by Alyona  

Made by Altynai

Made by Dima  

Made by Dmitriy By the way, this assignment for some of us was a first step into photography and the task was not about the photography, but about the content ).

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