3D printing

Class: 3D printing class
Software used: Ultimaker Cura
Device used: Ultimaker 2 Go
Components used: 3D model from thingiverse.com
Materials used: PLA plastic 3mm


On today’s class we had a task to understand how to operate with 3d printer. For make an example we used Ultimaker printer and examined various features of the printing process.


For making physical 3D object, I’ve downloaded the model from thingiverse.com Where I have 7 files to make very useful tool – clamp.
As I have *.stl files, all I need is to prepare g-code for printer. For that I need special Software – Slicer. Ultimaker has its own program named “Cura”. Unterface is very simple, I just need to upload my *.stl file, choose ratio of layer height and speed…

…and prepare g-code for device.
After that code should be sent to printer and after couple of hours product will be done.

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