Layered Wood and Plastic Artwork

Class: Technology, Computer Controlled Cutting




  • laser cutter burns a few millimetres of plywood while cutting, hence the wooden box had to be glued.
  • the problem was encountered when importing a model/outlines created in Illustrator to the laser cut software. The further tweaking of the .dxf file was required with Rhinoceros 3d.


Being in Moscow for several weeks, I felt homesick and miss the majestic view of the mountains in homeland. The inspiration for the project came from a layered paper art. I decided to have a total number of four layers cut on a transparent plastic sheet and the cover/box made of wood. The designs for cutouts included the starry sky, two layers for mountains and two layers for trees. For the case plans, I used a web-based application for designing laser-cut project cases MakerCase.    

Figure 1. Plastic cutout plans

   Figure 2. Plywood case plan

   Figure 3. The final result vision


The fabrication was relatively easy.  The default setting (speed: 10, power: 95%) for laser worker perfectly for both plywood and plastic; though calculation should be thoroughly considered, due to laser burns and/or melts few millimeters of the material. The hatch setting (speed: 440, power: 95%) was used to engrave of the snowy peaks of the mountains on plastic and stars on plywood.      Figure 4. Plywood – hatch While assembling the first printout, I realised that the top lid parameters were miscalculated. After adjustments, the top lid was sent to the cut. Figure 5. Wrong parameters (on the left), amended version (on the right)        


Figure 6. The inner layers final look + bonus which was created with MakerCase and very slight amendments in Illustrator.   
Credits to:
Daria Klimova, LabMisha and our AWESOME rocket scientist Ivan Mitrofanov 🙂

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