Trinity Tower

Trinity Tower

Class: Technology, Computer Controlled Cutting



  • to construct the tallest tower with only one sheet of plywood using press fit;
  • maximum three module shapes with length not more than 150mm for each piece is allowed to be used;
  • laser cutter burns a few millimetres of plywood while cutting, what made us rethink the design of the shapes.



After a team discussion, we decided to work with equilateral triangle, as by nature triangle is a basic, but a strong shape. It also symbolised the number of people we had in our team. Hence, the name for the tower turned out to be Trinity Tower. Initially, we had only two modules –  an equilateral triangle and a flat stick – which would allow us to construct the tower in levels. However, keeping the constraints of given material in mind, we split our triangle into two, thus having a total number of three modules – a big triangle, a small triangle and a flat stick.

At first to test the design, we cut only one set of modules. As a result, the laser cutter burned out edges of the shapes and caused joint systems to fail. We amended design and put thought of aesthetic in it as well.


The second iteration resulted in the modification of the joint to the “snap fit”. Once tested, we found out that the measures set were not suitable for snap fit joint.

The design was reverted, the slight modifications were added to the stick and the width of the triangle. The final dxf file was compiled and sent to laser cut. The cutting output was incomplete due to the unevenness of plywood sheet, therefore, the design was sent for recutting.




As model in SketchUp showed, the cumulative height of the tower was 4650mm (we were ignorant of laws of physics, a gravity in particular). As promising it may sound, the real version of Trinity Tower turned out to be 2430mm. That was our trade-off between aesthetic and stability.


Trinity Team

Credits to:
Alyona Klimovich, Einar Kulbaev and our AWESOME rocket scientist Ivan Mitrofanov 🙂  

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